Self-Hosted - Use Your Own Server with Our DNS

Self-Hosted - Use Your Own Server with Our DNS
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Running your own email server can often be quite tediuos. Making sure that users don't download virus' on computers that you administer, or even worse being the target of malware or spyware. Spam is quite a nuisance and something that must be dealt with.

Our "Mail Transport Agant" (MTA) server allieviates all of these headaches before it ever reaches your server. No matter what kind of server you use (Exchange, Outlook 365, IIS/SMTP, etc) we can relay the mail to you after it gets cleaned. Our MTA server can also handle your outgoing mail to secure that it reaches the proper destination by using DNSSEC, as outlined on the previous page.

With triple redunancy, we are able to guarantee that no emails will be rejected or lost, even if your server isn't online, The MTA server will hold the mail for delivery until your servers are back online.

Using our DNS, we are able to get you the most protection for incoming and outgoing mail. When we manage your DNS, we also have the ability to make sure that you are on the latest, most updated protocols.

This service includes:

  • DNSSEC/TLSA Records
  • SPF Records For Email Reputation
  • DKIM Records (Domain Keys Identified Mail)
  • DMARC Records (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance)
  • High-Available Servers
  • 24/7 On-Call Service
  • Spam Reduction + Spam Learning
  • Email Virus Protection updated hourly
  • E-mail encryption (if needed)
  • Compatibility with all email servers

Let our MTA servers take the load off your network administrators for $200 a year.

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