Many organizations simply don't have the manpower to keep up with the latest spam and virus control techniques. It is our goal through, by the power of the many filters that we employ to mitigates spam and viruses and stop them in their tracks before they would infect your email server or computers in your server network.

At we feel that security is very important, that is why we deployed the newest security method "DNSSEC". This makes sure the incoming and outgoing email cannot get hijacked. Our servers have special records with the domain provider that keeps them free-and-clear from "Man-in-the-Middle Attacks" or "DNS Cache Poisoning" that could alter the destination for your incoming and outgoing email.

Have our Trusted DNSSEC DANE/TLSA server handle your incoming and outgoing mail from your own server and be sure that your email will never be hacked.

With our redundant servers and spam protection, you'll never miss an important email and rid your inbox of unneccesary 'junk'. Our network specialists have years of experience that is unmatched by any other provider that can ensure that your email is safe and protected by all standards.

Included is also a way to 'teach' the Spam Filter. Reporting mail to allows our "Artificial Intelligence" filter to learn and keep the spam as minimal as possible.

With the hosted DNS solution we also stamp your organization's outgoing mail with a "DKIM Signature" (Domain Keys Indentified Mail), SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and and send it off. These are very important to make sure that your emails are received and read and not marked as spam.


  •  Use your own server -Our server filters mail spam and virus' then forwards it on to your email server. Outgoing mail is scanned for Viruses and sent off securely with DNSSEC
  • Use your own server with our DNS - Ask us to host your DNS to add extra security to your domain. Including above; we also maintain your DNS to make sure that you always have the best protocols in place for your security.
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Self-Hosted - Use Your Own Server with Our DNS
Running your own email server can often be quite tediuos. Making sure that users don't download viru..
Self-Hosted - Use Your Own Server
Running your own email server can often be quite tediuos. Making sure that users don't download viru..
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